mini mini sermon for midweek outdoor worship #2

At the start of summer, kids from Kids in the Garden noticed making a cheeseburger required meat and a bun and ketchup and a pickle, and those came from farmers and relied on a cow and vinegar and cucumbers and tomatoes and—inevitably—on soil and rain and sun. I also like tracing those lines when we pray “give us today our daily bread,” a system dependent on innumerable aspects—from a grocery store stocker to wars not happening on a field to upkept roads (and transportation budgets) to fusion of hydrogen atoms 93 million miles away. Just for bread, this spectrum ranges from the simple to the frustrating to the incomprehensible.


Interconnectivity. This 2nd Gift of the Garden invites us to connect the dots, to appreciate the extraordinary and miraculous aspects of detailed work in tightly woven relationships, God’s gracious presence as the Body of Christ not just in bread or a congregation of people but throughout creation.


I have to stop because I’m out of paper, but we’ll continue with this theme Sunday, so you can come for even more connections.